Until now those wishing to participate in sub aqua activities have had no choice but to commit themselves to lengthy scuba diving courses.
Current elementary scuba diving courses are aimed at teaching people how to dive to depths of 18 metres and beyond by providing the relevant information and skills assessment to make that particular activity as safe and enjoyable as possible.
For many, the time required and cost of such training is prohibitive, and unnecessary, if their wish is simply to learn how to dive safely to shallower depths where the water is clearer, warmer and the sea life more prolific.
Microdiving is an intermediate activity that provides a crucial step between snorkelling and conventional deep open water scuba diving and is ideal for those wishing to dive to depths no more than 9 metres.
So, if all you want to do is learn how to dive safely with the fish in the shallows, or to be able to get below the waterline to inspect the underside of your powerboat or yacht, this is the ideal course for you.
For your convenience each section of the training programme can be done at a different location so is ideal for those on the move or those wishing to progress over a period of time.
How is the course run?
1. Microdiver Training Manual with DVD & logbook—£79.95
2. ½ day training which includes quiz review and in-water tuition at our heated indoor pool—£85
3. Full qualification including 3 orientation dives—£85

More information?
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How to book
1. Phone us to check the availibility of the course that you have chosen, and the dates you wish to attend.
2. Download and complete the booking form, and return to us by post.
3. Download and complete the medical declaration form, and return to us by post.
Please click on the icons on the right to download a PDF copy of our booking and medical declaration forms.
If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download a free copy.

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